Vacation Options<br>
To have your subscription placed on vacation, please email or <br>call 1-888-237-3801 to have your vacation stop processed.<br>When emailing or calling, please include your name, phone number, your choice of one the options listed below,<br>and the dates of when you would like your paper stopped and restarted. We will then process your request. <br>

  • Vacation Pack: We'll hold your papers while you are away, then deliver them to you when you return.
  • Vacation Donation: We'll donate the value of your newspapers to Newspapers in Education. For every dollar you donate, we'll provide ten newspapers to locals schools.
  • Vacation E-Edition: We'll stop your newspaper while you are away and provide you with access to the E-CDT, our online edition of the newspaper

  • Note: To avoid an interruption of service, the subscription will automatically renew unless we are notified otherwise.

    If you have any delivery issues, please call us at 1-888-237-3801.